The Bob Pixel Foundation

As Bobbie used to say, ‘no matter how hard you cry, there will come a time where you will stop to blow your nose and dry your eyes’. After some time away reflecting, seeking direction and planning, we are pleased to inform Bobbie’s devoted followers on a few developments.

The Bob Pixel Foundation, registered as a nonprofit organisation intended to honour, celebrate and propagate his legacy has been set up. More information on its mission and priorities will be shared soon. In the meantime, we hope to use this platform to explore more about the man and artist that Bobbie was, promote and preserve his masterful work – much of which the world is yet to see – and inform us all on future planned activities and events.

It hasn’t been an easy period for you and everyone involved and Emmanuel’s family deeply appreciates your love and continued support. It was because of you that his candle was lit and it is through you, that it will keep shining and inspiring others along the way. It’s a new dawn and we invite you to join us as we embark on the next phase of his incredible journey. Welcome to the Bob Pixel Foundation. Thank you.

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